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The B Word

I’m British and I live in France – how can I not have an opinion on Brexit?  No matter whether you voted for Brexit or not, I don’t think anyone can deny that it is breaking Britain in two.  Just … Continue reading

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Why the Chayote isn’t Shite

A few years back our French neighbour introduced us to the humble Chayote, a funny, knobbly, oval shaped, green vegetable (which I think is actually a fruit) with a tough, difficult to peel skin.  It tastes of hmmm, well… nothing … Continue reading

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A little over ten years ago, we were busy preparing for our big move. We were full of anticipation and raring to go.  We had battled our way through huge obstacles in selling our property in the UK and it … Continue reading

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The Best Fig Chutney in the World……ever!

When we first moved to France back in 2004 we didn’t miss much, but we did crave for Branston Pickle.  However, since discovering this delicious recipe, Branston no longer makes it onto our wish lists of goodies to ask for … Continue reading

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There’s more to Life than Education

As a responsible parent, we all strive to give our children the best start in life we possibly can.  I think sometimes though we tend to focus too much on certain aspects of the process without stepping back and considering … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the English!

One big challenge when bringing up English speaking children in a foreign speaking country, is when and how to introduce written English.  It’s one thing to expect a child to learn to speak two languages at the same time, but … Continue reading

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Home Grown Cauliflower Soup

My French neighbours had very kindly given us a bag of their home grown cauliflower this week. So far I’ve made cauliflower cheese (a bit boring) and Brown Rice with Vegetables which is an old Delia Smith recipe that I’ve … Continue reading

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Zis iz ow we speek English

In my last post Children Learning to be Bilingual. I was discussing how our youngest children speak French with a local French accent and speak English with an English accent.  English is afterall their mother tongue.  However, we were talking … Continue reading

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Children learning to be Bi-Lingual

We are an English family living in France.  Our children are being brought up to be bi-lingual.  They speak French exclusively at school and speak English exclusively at home.  Is it difficult?  Not really! It’s amazing how adaptable children are … Continue reading

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French Children Don’t Talk Back!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the behavior of French children compared to British. It’s apparent when living here that French children are better behaved. They are generally more obedient, polite and respectful than the British youth. I’ve often marveled … Continue reading

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