A Mother in France
A family of seven’s insights into moving to and living in France

This is the true story of an ordinary British family who swapped their run of the mill life in South East England for an very different life in a Watermill in South West France.  Nikki McArthur aka ‘A Mother in France’ opens up a window to her world and invites you to journey with her through the positive and negative experiences of the process of moving, settling, making a living and raising a family in a new country.  It’s a fascinating mixture of facts backed by true life experiences and comparisons and is an essential insight into life as an expat for anyone interested in or considering a move abroad.

It covers the ins and outs of Moving Abroad.  Why the  family decided to move, why France, how they found the right home, the process of buying and selling and what it was like when they got there, pregnancy and raising children from babies to adolescents. Education, language learning, family life, childcare, health – all the things you wonder about how it will be when considering moving abroad with children. 

It’s currently in the process of publication.  Please click on the link in the sidebar “Subscribe to our Newsletter” to be informed when it’s available.


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