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If you enjoy my writing and are interested to learn more about life in France, you can now order my books, What have we got Toulouse? A family moving to France and I’ve got something to say, an anthology written with Women’s Voices South West France.

What have we got Toulouse?

A family moving to France

This is the true story of an ordinary British family who swapped their run-of-the-mill life in Southeast England for a far-from ordinary-life in a mill in Southwest France.

Nikki McArthur, aka ‘A Mother in France’, opens up a window to her world and invites you to journey with her through the positive and negative experiences of the process of moving, settling, making a living and raising a family in a new country. Woven within the pages of the family’s experiences are a treasury of facts and information making it not only a fascinating read but a useful guide to living in France.Uncovering the thought processes behind why the family decided to move to France and how they went about it, the book reveals how to prepare for a move abroad, house hunting tips and the buying process.

Discover what it was like when they arrived, the main difficulties and challenges they faced with settling in as a family, renovation challenges and experiences of developing a business and making a living. Follow the ups and downs of family life in France from pregnancy and childbirth through to adulthood with fascinating details on education, health, cultural differences and raising bilingual children. An intriguing mixture of facts backed by true life experiences and comparisons and a compelling read for anyone interested in or considering moving abroad

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What have we got Toulouse

Illustration by Kiki Wood Design

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I've Got Something to Say

Anthology with Women’s Voices South West France

An eclectic collection of short stories and poems by members of the newly formed Women’s Voice South West France writing group.

There is no theme for the anthology as we wanted contributors to feel a sense of freedom in their voice, whether it be persuasive, descriptive, humorous, maternal, political (our list of possible voices was long).

Dip into poems, short stories, political comment, illustrations and reflections on the day to day, each author showing her unique style of engagement with the written word.

Nikki contributed three pieces to the book, “The B word” poem, First Impressions (an excerpt from my book “What have we got Toulouse” and a poem entitled “Reawakening”

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I've Got Something to Say

Illustration by Kiki Wood Design