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The “B” Word

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I’m British and I live in France – how can I not have an opinion on Brexit?  No matter whether you voted for Brexit or not, I don’t think anyone can deny that it is breaking Britain in two.  Just the mention of “The B Word” really does fire people up with either dread, fear or anger of some description.

I’ve been struggling for some time to put into words just what Brexit means to me, how it is impacting my life and the lives of those around me on a daily basis.  Like it or not it is affecting everyone across Britain and Europe and not in a positive way.

Here’s my attempt at expressing my feelings…

The “B” Word

I remember a time, not so long ago, when “B” was a simple letter.
A beautiful letter.  A buxom, balanced, bold and becoming letter.
B was for… blowing bubbles at blissful bouncing bonny babies,
and baking bread, buns, biscuits and brioche between breakfast and bed.

B was for… breath-taking beaches beckoning bounding boarders on bracing breakers,
and bountiful bees buzzing besides babbling blue brooks.

But now, there is nothing simple about B.
B is bad bestowing bewilderment, bemusement and betrayal.

B has become brainwashed by bungling bastards boasting benefits on buses,
and has begotten barefaced brazen bigots, bent on backstops, borders and boundaries.
B is for backstabbing bankers and bigwigs building billions, bypassing taxes in Bermuda,
and battles between Brits abroad, left battered and bruised by blind bargaining.

Don’t mention the “B” word, it boils our blood and brings brothers to blows.

B is is not bold but brash,
No balanced but bent,
Not better, but bitter and bereft.

B beseeches the birth of a bankrupt Britain, banishing Blighty, bashed and belittled, to the back of beyond.

Will BREXIT break Britain?
By Jove boys, it already has!

By Nikki McArthur
January 2019

You can also now listen to me reading this poem on my Youtube channel by clicking here 

What feelings does “The B word” invoke in you?

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