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What does “A Mother in France” do for a living?

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I’m often asked what my day job is (even my kids aren’t sure) and each time I stumble to answer that question.  I have so many it’s difficult to say which is the main one and my role in each of these enterprises is somewhat diverse….  So, to help me answer this question, I’ve tried to summarise my “jobs” below:


Editorial Team Member (Freelance) – NDM Consulting

I work from home as a freelance sub-contractor for a medical E-Journal.  I manage the article processing by liaising with authors, editors and publishers and I format, proof-read, edit and upload articles to the web.  I work on this approximately 10-15 hours a week and it is my main personal income at present.


Office Manager – Kingdom Vegetal Garden Centre and Landscaping business

My husband Gary and I set up this business in 2009 – it is largely Gary’s business as he is the Horticultural expert and I manage the administrative side (estimates, accounts, promoting etc).  We have a small nursery/garden centre which is run from our home which I man from time to time when I’m available, but the largest part of the business is the landscaping.  We specialise in Natural Swimming Pools and water gardens but do a wide variety of soft and hard landscaping.  I am actively involved in the design side of the business too and create garden plans on our landscaping software (with Gary’s professional input).


Owner – Moulin d’en Bas, Eco-Tourism Holiday complex

A large part of our property has been converted into holiday apartments which have been let for mainly holidays (sometimes long-term lets) since 2005.  I manage the administrative and promoting side of the business.  Over the last few years we haven’t let the apartments as much as we used to due to other commitments, but this year we are planning a revamp and a rebrand.  Sustainability has always been an integral part of our lives and businesses, but this is the first time we have decided to market our holiday accommodation as such.  It’s a work in progress.


Local Organiser – Home Language International

I work very part-time as a local organiser covering the Midi-Pyrenees area for a business called Home Language International.  They offer home stay immersion courses.  I am responsible for interviewing potential hosts for the “English in France” courses, matching students to suitable hosts and ensuring the stay runs smoothly.  We also host students occasionally in the summer months.  I have been working for HLI since 2005, it doesn’t take up a huge amount of my time and fits in quite nicely with the other roles I have.


Writer and Blogger – A Mother in France

This I do largely for pleasure.  I started writing a book about our lives as a British family living in France in 2011, I got very close to finishing it a year or so later, but then life got really complicated with various business and serious health problems and the project was shelved for some years.  I am now working on the book and blog again (although I have never really stopped writing in some form) and I have so much more to write and share.  I was beginning to think I’d never get this book published, but I’ve decided to publish it in a series of books, that way I can start sharing the parts that are already finished and take my time on working on the new sections.  So, the first in the series  “A Mother in France – Moving to and living in France” is due to be released next month (April 2019), the subsequent books with working titles of “Raising a Family in France”, “Earning a living in France” and “Hospital Diaries” will be released later this year and early next year.


There are few other things I do with my time too, but I haven’t listed them here as they are either voluntary or for pleasure, so can’t really classed as something I do for a living (although they maybe one day).  Also, I thought this post was getting a bit too long and I’m in danger of boring and/or exhausting you with all I do.  Are you confused?  I know I am!

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