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International Women’s Day

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Did you know, today is International Women’s Day?

Today is particularly significant for me and another twenty women in the writing group “Women’s Voices”, because this is the day we are launching our very first Anthology “I’ve got something to say!“. You can read all about it in my post “Book Launch – International Women’s Day“.

Photo by Dennis Magati from Pexels

At our last writing group meeting, we had the theme of “International Women’s Day”. It seemed apt. Here is what I wrote:

International Women’s Day

Some would say,
why a women’s day?
Women have got the vote!
We’ve come a long way,
since Pankhurst’s day,
there’s surely no need to devote
an entire affair
for women to air
their achievement, thoughts and inventions.
What about men?
Should they not have then,
a day where they get the attention?

We may have the vote,
but there’s no need to gloat,
we’re a long way yet from equality,
while a panel of men
dictate whether and when
we have control of our body.
One hundred and thirty million worldwide
are being denied
access to education.
And it pains me to see
That one in three
are abused across the nation.

It’s better I know
than a few years ago,
women are starting to rise.
But we need to keep still
up the pressure until
equality is everyone’s prize.
So join us now
to celebrate how
women are marking the day.
When given choices,
women have voices
and we all have something to say!

You can discover more poems, short stories and memoirs in the Women’s Voices anthology “I’ve got something to say!” available on Amazon.

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?


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