French Children Don’t Talk Back!

Luc cheekyI’ve been thinking a lot recently about the behavior of French children compared to British. It’s apparent when living here that French children are better behaved. They are generally more obedient, polite and respectful than the British youth. I’ve often marveled when seeing groups of young children out on a school trip. They all line up neatly, do as they’re told and often have far fewer adults supervising them than they would in the UK. I’ve been wondering why this is and examining my own parenting skills to see what we can learn from the French.

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A little bit of background

McArthur 2012In the UK I was a mother of three and an IT Trainer, my husband Gary was a Lecturer in Horticulture and between us we ran a Guest House on the Kent Coast.

We moved to France in 2004 and now I’m a mother of five, we have several different businesses and we live in a large watermill, which we will be renovating for the rest of our lives.

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